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Located in the central North America, the U.S. territory of northwest Alaska include north and central Pacific, the Hawaiian islands, etc. The land area 9,629,091 square kilometers (national bureau of the People's Republic of China, the national total sab), after Russia and Canada. Its northern and southern borders on Canada, on the gulf of Mexico, weasewordly near the Atlantic ocean, the near east. 22,680 coastline. In most parts of southern temperate continental climate, belong to subtropical climate of eastern coastal areas has temperate climate and the Mediterranean climate. The central plains) north-central plain (temperature, Chicago's 3-1 month average temperatures, July 24 degrees c, The gulf coast January 11 degrees, the average temperature on July 28 degrees Celsius. The bottom of the Valley of Death (for the Valley, - 86 m high), and for the hill (Mount Mckinley Mckinley, 6,198 meters).


The United States has more than 17,000 - a native plants and trees, is the world's most diverse, meanwhile, thousands of non-native species sometimes also can affect native flora and fauna. Native americans have more than 400 species of mammals, birds, 700 million reptiles and amphibians, and 90,000 of has been found in the insects. America is one of the world's earliest begin one of environmental protection in 1872 federal government established the Yellowstone national park in order to protect the local environment, and become the world's first national park.