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Solution to teach high-voltage failure of your inkjet printer

Stenciling high pressure failure how to handle it? Usually used in the process where the need to pay attention to

The high pressure failure of the inkjet printer is a very common fault. Not so much a failure, as it is a security measure. The small character inkjet printer to print application rely on the principle of electrostatic deflection. Charged ink droplets are deflected in the high-pressure field (high-voltage deflection plates), coupled with the movement of products, the formation of dot matrix characters. The high-voltage fault is set to prevent high-pressure field is uneven or leakage.
The high-pressure failure of the inkjet printer simply should have is the absolute value of the two plate voltage of the high-voltage deflection plates caused. When a plate high-voltage deflection plates have ink or other things they will lead to the two electrode voltage absolute value is not equal. The machine is a measure of protection, reported a high voltage fault and automatically shut down.

If your inkjet printer occasionally reported high voltage fault, then your machine is very good, very stable. When the inkjet printer reported a high voltage fault, you can check whether the high-voltage deflection plates of the print head clean, and for cleansing. So after drying, re-boot will be able to normal use. If your inkjet printer is often reported high voltage fault, the problem may be more complex, the pressure sensor is too sensitive. There may be a Mexican point of split is not good. You can make the appropriate checks and adjustments. If you can not repair itself, and should promptly contact a professional inkjet printer company by a professional inkjet printer engineer came to repair inkjet printer.
Also, if the printed characters missing half, also reported a high voltage fault. This may be the location of the ink line is not correct or from high set too small.