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Processing method in accordance with the common fault of Imaje inkjet printer

Also many types of inkjet printer, provided by Imaje inkjet printer process may encounter some common faults below to analyze some solutions.

An ink dot detecting abnormal

The cause of the fault the: detection electrode dots detected does not match the setting range or detection electrodes dirty.

The solution:

1, multi excluded several fault, the ability to eliminate the fault (reboot the machine).

2, cleaning the nozzle and the print head nozzle covered the ground lug is intact or clean.

3, open the ink line breakpoints with a magnifying glass to look good whether bad tune on the next phase.

4, open the head and the back cover, the back flushing with the cleaning agent, the main cleaning the detection electrode of the metal riser, then blowing balloons drying.

, Such as the above approach can not be ruled out, then the machine cleaning, replacement ink, or even replace the filter device.

Second, high pressure fault

The cause of the malfunction: Stenciling detected leakage current is too large, the ignition coil or motherboard problem.

The solution:

1, open the nozzle cover cleaning the print head, looking for a clean gauze wipe the nozzle, electrode, deflection board recovery tank.

Restart Stenciling see if you can eliminate the fault.

The above approach can not troubleshoot the ignition coil problem or two high-voltage lines affected by interference, find the two high-voltage high-voltage plug-plug several times in order to contact is good to keep the two high-voltage lines 10CM distance to prevent interference.

4, disconnect the high-voltage lines, open the ink lines, if there is no fault, that the failure of the ignition coil failure.

Third, recycling fault

The cause of the malfunction: inkjet printer in open ink line a few seconds after undetectable ink flows through the recovery pipe

The solution:

Open ink lines look ink line in the recovery tank, but not normal recovery recovery tank then to conclude that the recovery tank or recycling pipe blockage, look for white machine is concerned whether the vacuum cleaning vacuum pump in the 0.2BA more (Annex) recovery tank and recycling pipeline for black machines are generally clogging them can be cleaned.

2, if the ink line is not in recovery tank, then head as solvent ---- get through ----- stability ---- Open ink line of work, to ensure that the ink line stability into the recovery tank. As long as usual to accumulate some more out of the common faults, when problems can be solved easily without will bring any loss.