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Inkjet printer filters used in condiment packaging industry Analysis

    Inkjet printer filter has almost become the industry the necessary equipment of the production line, used in condiment packaging industry, inkjet technology needs to solve the main difficulties: One, suitable for harsh production environment and strict hygiene requirements. Condiment manufacturer in the choice of inkjet printer, you must consider the high dust, high humidity resistance performance. Therefore, stainless steel construction and ground protection device of the inkjet printer is often necessary. Second, identified in a variety of different material surfaces. Condiment packaging material and a wide variety identifies the content, identify different content to different material surfaces, such as the selection of inkjet coding and marking, you need to apply to the different requirements of a series of nozzle models, including to get a high mark quality small character nozzle. Third, print quality, ability to obtain clear, high quality logos, print quality is the concern of manufacturers. The adhesion of the ink is usually an important reference for ink selection.A high finish and high-density surface should select the high adhesion of the ink, the general situation to select the generic ink is better.(2) the product to be packaged immediately for Coding, ink drying time is particularly important, optional quick-drying ink, add the blowing device can also be taken to accelerate the ink drying.Need food Coding should be selected food-grade ink or environmentally friendly ink.