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Inkjet Printer filter works

Works under pressure, the ink to enter the gun, the gun inside the crystal oscillators through vibration, so that the ink ejected after the formation of a fixed interval, CPU disposal and phase with the ensemble, a small character inkjet printers filter is a common saying continuous filter Inkjet Printer Inkjet Printer filter.       By charging the polar dots filling the different power cores after the magnetic field of several thousand volts of high voltage offset, flying out of the nozzle falls on moving product appearance, the formation of the lattice to form the words, numbers or graphics. The rest of the dots is not charging will not shift, directly into the detailed workflow: under pressure of the ink supply pump, printing ink from the ink tank Ink pipe, adjust the pressure, viscosity, into the gun with the pressure the continuation of the ink ejected from the nozzle ink in the fracture of piezoelectric crystal after the nozzle, into a string of consecutive equal to the spacing of the same size drops, spray ink flow to continue to exercise pole is charged after charging, charging poles droplet separated from the ink line.      Charge on a certain voltage, the droplet separated from the conductive ink lines will instantly bring in imported inkjet printers filter and charge the ends of plus voltage directly proportional to the negative charge. This is scheduled to give a droplet charge on the negative charge by changing the charge of the working electrode voltage frequency, the same frequency as the droplet rupture, the pressure continues, the ink flow to continue the downward movement from the two through the middle of the deflector with positive and negative voltage charged droplet through the deflection plates to deflect, the deflection of level depends on the amount of electric charge, uncharged drops are deflected, has been flying down the flow into the recovery tube , and ultimately recycling pipe back to the ink tank of imported printing machine filter recycling.      Electrically charged and deflected drops fell on to a certain speed and angle from the object passing in front of the vertical nozzle. Printing Inkjet Printer filter information through the disposal of computer motherboards, to change the droplet electric charge, can generate different identification information. Efficient, high-speed, fully automated, high intelligence. Low-power circuitry. The modular design. Anti-interference ability is strong, highly integrated hardware circuit. Reasonable structure. Better insulation. Automatically detects the adjustment. Unique viscosity control method. Do not have to stop the production line printing when printing content can be modified. Modify the software to meet different production needs. To ensure that the ink viscosity, ink heated system. From the outside temperature affect the printing quality