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Imaje kit pressure cell 10 bars

Imaje kit pressure cell 10 bars



Part no:ENM7682

Part name:pressure sonsor

Use:Imaje S7/9020/9030 cij printer

Methods of delivery:by DHL,FEDEX,TNT,EMS,UPS

Delivery time:within 3 days after payment



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Imaje continuous inkjet printer parts: 

ENM5934/37176 S4/S8 Main Filter 
ENM35532 S7/9020/9030 Main Filter 
ENM17673 14u Grid Filter 
ENM17674 32u Grid Filter 
A36022 Air filter Kit IP54 
ENM7765 Ink Circuit Air Part Filter 
ENM34410 14u Moulded Grid Filter 9040 

ENM5192 Resonator M Head 
ENM7242 Resonator G Head 
ENM15885 Cover Head G Flat Electrode 
ENM15886 Cover Head M Flat Electrode 
ENM5675 Canon holder 
ENM5678 Cannon Holder Screw 

ENM5629 Pressure Pump with Bypass 
ENM4295 Vacum Pump 
ENM10298 EHT Block wired 
ENM5044 Electrovalve 
IM0001 Pump Membrane 

ENM23970 S8 Master Keyboard 
ENM18591 S4 Keyboard 
ENM15978 S7 Keyboard 
ENM28240 9020/9030 Keyboard