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Imaje inkjet printer routine maintenance Directory

Imaje inkjet printer routine maintenance Directory
According to a code with disabilities as an inkjet printer, like inkjet printer failure and maintenance manuals in the process of daily use methods:

1 Imaje inkjet printer boot process failure
Lack of ink, ink to join
Check the liquid level detection electrode connection
Additives less than additive
Check the addition on the solenoid valve is working properly
Fan failure or compressed air insufficient to check the exhaust fan or compressed air
Temperature failure to change the work environment
Viscosity troubleshooting viscosity measurement lines
Check the viscosity agent liquid level changes, and to confirm the the viscometer electromagnetic valve is working properly

Imaje inkjet printer start when the ink line failure nozzle cover do not meet to close the nozzle cap
According to the high pressure failure of the code with disabilities inkjet printer cleaning, drying nozzle electrode; clean high-pressure connection
Recovery in accordance with the code with disabilities inkjet printer ink line fault check the recycling valve is open;
Re-start the ink lines and observe the status of the ink lines

3 Imaje ink jet printer during failure
Closed in accordance with the Code with disabilities inkjet printer black point detection failure ink lines, cleaning and drying nozzle electrode;
Check inkjet printer operating parameters;
Confirm the ink is ineffective;
The implementation of the ink update;
Check the nozzle cover is clean;
Check the breakpoints and to adjust
CPU-of IMP Communications
Imaje ink jet speed alarm re-set the print speed
Failure of motor speed and the technician
According to code persons Stenciling pressure is not normal machine washing
Replace the filter core and nozzle filters
Trouble-free display but not printing check the sensor sensing a top
Imaje ink jet printer and poor cleaning nozzle
Check the stability of the nozzle bracket
Check the nozzle and the object distance
Check the ink line is centered in the recovery tank