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How to prolong the life of the inkjet printer filter

 inkjet printer is easy to use, routine maintenance is not timely, in place, it is easy to malfunction in various ways, to bring a lot of inconvenience to the production! So the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the inkjet printer is a very important addition should arrange for someone to manage and maintain, to ensure that the production process in the inkjet printer is not casually move.A day to check the level of ink and solventOpen the ink system door, to see the ink level and solvent level; level is too low to be added in accordance with the procedures in a timely manner. Ink boxes add ink should not be too full, if the ink is too full precipitation is a waste of supplies also affect the print quality.2 week clean the filter and fanElectronic air filter to filter the air into the electronic system, to prevent dust from entering the electronic system and regularly clean air filters can effectively make the air flow smoothly to ensure that the electronic system the temperature is kept at room temperature. The fan is also to ensure that electronic systems inside the necessary conditions to maintain a normal temperature.3 day check whether the ink viscosityThe stable operation of the inkjet printer, the ink viscosity very important, if the ink viscosity is high, and likely to cause the load on the main pump to increase resulting in damage to the motor windings; ink viscosity is low, likely to cause the high-speed rotation of the pressure pump, the pump will shrink in the long high-speed rotation life! Addition, the ink viscosity and settings differ also affect the print quality of the product. It is necessary to ensure that the ink viscosity.Regularly in accordance with the machine manual filter replacement inkjet printers, is important to maintain the content of the inkjet printer, because the accumulation of ink impurities, likely to cause the inkjet printer job insecurity, it is important the pressure of the pump speed is increased due to filter clogging, and will seriously pressure pump life, replace the filter on a regular basis, would greatly extend the life of the pressure pump.