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Hitachi cij ink and top up

Hitachi cij ink and top up

Our company is a professional industrial inkjet ink and spare parts manufacturer.Supplying high quality cij inks, makeup,cleaning compatible with Videojet ,Domino ,Imaje, Linx, Willett ,Hitachi,Citronix,Mrtronic...

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Hitachi continuous ink jet inks &fluids;

Part no Product Description
JP-B27 Blue ink
JP-K33 Black ink
JP-K67 Black ink
JP-K69 Black ink
JP-K68 Black ink
JP-K62 Black ink
JP-K72 Black ink
JP-Y37 Yellow Pigment ink
JP-W73 White Pigment ink
TH-01 Make-up
TH-18 Make-up
TH-TYPE A Make-up