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Domino A series power supply assy

Domino A series power supply assy


Part name:Domino power supply unit assy

Part no:37758

Use:for Domino A series cij printer

Methods of delivery:by DHL,FEDEX,TNT,EMS,UPS
Delivery time:wthin 3 days after payment



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Domino (cij) small character ink jet printer A series spare parts;


Prt no Part name
14831 Main filter 5 micron
37940 Bulkhead filter 10 U
29273 Filter kit No3 replacement
29265 Filter kit 20 micron
14833 Damer module
26747 Drive rod assy 64khz
26856 drive rod assy 128khz
26871 Retainer
36994 Heat spare kits
36828 Strobe LED assy
45411 Charge elctrode assy 75U MK3
36703 Deflector plate assy
36731 Holster std
36715 Sensor tube std assy
14735 valve solenoid 13 MM
13537 LCD screen(large display)
37721 Lcd assy (English)
36729 End box cover
37731 Pressure transducer
37744 main switch assy
36700 Conduit 3 M,STD assy
37753 Ink mainifold assy
  Ink level sonsor
37754 Make-up mainfold assy
  make-up level sensor
37758 Aseries power supply
37732 Temp sensor plug assy
45462 Drop gen 75U (spares)
36743 Deflector plate PP assy
45431 Charge elctrode assy 40U MK3
37726 Membrane keyboard
36675 Keypad large display
36836 EHT trip circuit 3M
37714 Ink system PCB cable
36703 HV Plates
36706 Tube connector gutter (black)
36991 wash station MTG bracket assy
36719 adjusting screw
36720 screw locking
36721 adjusting shaft
36722 cam
37805 A100 air filter assy
37708 A200 air filter assy
L23511-P Pressure pump repair kits
14780 Solenoid valve 2 way
13503 Plug 6 way A series
67656 Fan
67617 Gutter tube clamp kit