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Details of the inkjet printer supplies inks

An inkjet printer supplies inks composition and functions:

Pigments: organic pigments, inorganic pigments. (Black, red, yellow, green, blue) are now color.

Solvent: methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, ethanol, methanol, has been diol, etc.. Solvent, dry the speed, security.

Conductive agent: small character ink.

Resin: adhesion and printing effect.

Second, the ink:

(1) by using the machine points: large character ink; small character ink; ③ high-definition ink.

By solvent fractionation: keto ink; alcohol-based ink; water-based ink; (4) mixed-solvent inks.

Third, the ink used in:

(1) adhesion: Resin

(2) pale in color: the visual can not be separately.

Dry speed: in the transmission belt test, generally dry within 5 seconds.

(4) prints poorly: ① viscosity; ② nozzle; ③ pressure.

5 impurities: ferric hydroxide; (2) plastic powder; other impurities.

6 easy plug: dry quickly; filter accuracy; environmental reasons; machines reasons.

Fourth, a variety of inkjet printer supplies ink features:

A water-based ink: advantages: environmental protection, and security; ② The drawback: only applicable to the absorbent material.

2 keto ink: advantages: dry fast (3-5 seconds); shortcomings: easy to plug, volatile and dangerous.

Mixed ink: advantages: safer, uniqueness; shortcomings: recipe complexity, the complexity of the production process.

Alcohol-based ink: advantages: safer, easy to plug, more environmentally friendly; shortcomings: slow to dry (10-15 seconds).

Water-based ink can print on porous surfaces, such as: paper, wood, corrugated cardboard. Oil-based quick-drying ink in a non-permeable surface, such as: plastics, glass, stretch film, or more